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Would you like to convert your ideas into money? Here at Mussino, you have the power to reach millions of lyricists anywhere in the world!! Mussino gives you the freedom to create and produce music sessions, and sell your beats to earn profit. We also allow you to find an artist to work in partnership with you in making songs for the upcoming competitions.

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When you sign up as a music artist, you can enter the music sessions created by the music producers, record the lyrics of the newest beats, get votes, and the chance to make and earn money just like the music producers. You can also collaborate with the music producers anywhere in the world. Here at Mussino, you can start competing with other music artists and begin earning money.

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Mussino has been regarded as one of the best online studios with easy to use interface. Those new beats producers will get five credits for free that they can use in creating and producing music sessions through uploading their original beats that would last for up to a week. Songwriters and lyricists can search for instrumentals with the help of genres and they can preview the audio file prior they enter a session.